Battlefield Reborn Update: Earn Rewards With The Valor Pass

We’ve heard from the community that you would all love more quests to complete and rewards to work towards, especially after reaching account level 30. To that end, we’re introducing the Valor Pass!

With the Battlefield Reborn update, all players will have immediate access to the Valor Pass and can start upgrading it to unlock free rewards. The Valor Pass will have two tiers: one that is free and accessible for everyone, and an Elite tier that must be purchased to unlock, providing access to additional rewards for each level.

Earn Rewards With The Valor Pass

Daily Quests and Weekly Quests can be completed to gain Valor Points which increase the level of the Valor Pass. Up to three Daily Quests can be stored at once, with one new daily quest refreshed each day. Unfinished quests will expire in 72 hours. As a bonus for dedicated players who complete all of their daily quests in a week, there will be an extra reward.

We’re really excited to roll this out soon and can’t wait to hear what you all think of it!

Source: Arena of Valor official site.