AIC: Asia 2017 Schedules & Results

Arena of Valor International Championship: Asia 2017 will be held from November 23-26, 2017 at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. The twelve participating teams will fight for a $500,000 USD prize pool.


Patch Information: Marksman Era.
Bans: Each team have two bans: blue – red – blue – red.
Heroes: 55 heroes (Superman, Xeniel, Kil’Groth and Moren are disabled)

Group Stage

Eight teams are seeded into two groups, four teams each.
GSL format; all matches are played in a Bo3.
Top four teams advance to the playoffs.
Bottom teams are eliminated.


Single elimination bracket.
All other rounds are played in a Bo3, with Bo5 Grand Finals.

Prize Pool

The prize pool of the tournament is $500,000 USD.

Place Team $USD
1st SMG 200.000 USD
2nd Game TV 100.000 USD
3rd-4th ProArmy/S.T 40.000 USD
5-8th Team Olympus/Team CL/ALPHA Red/Monori Bacon 15.000 USD
Showmatch SK Gaming/Korea Allstar/Black Ananas 10.000 USD
MVP 20.000 USD


Qualified to Group Stage

Team CL (South Korea)
MVP (South Korea)
Day5 (South Korea)
AIN (South Korea)
pro Army (Vietnam)
S.T (Taiwan)
ALPHA Red (Thailand)
EVOS (Indonesia)

Qualified to Playoffs

Team Olympus (South Korea)
GameTV (Vietnam)
SMG (Taiwan)
Monori Bacon (Thailand)


Group Stage

Group A
1 pro Army 2-0 4-1
2 Team CL 2-1 4-2
3 MVP 1-1 2-4
4 EVOS 0-2 0-4

Group B
1 S.T 2-0 4-0
2 ALPHA Red 2-1 4-2
3 Day5 1-2 2-5
4 AIN 0-2 1-4



Day 1 will start at 13:30 PM (KST), 05:30 AM (CET), 20:30 (PT).

Group A
Date Match Result
23-Nov Team CL vs EVOS 2-0
MVP vs pro Army 1-2
Team CL vs proArmy 0-2
EVOS vs MVP 0-2
Team CL vs MVP 2-0
Group B
Date Match Result
24-Nov Day5 vs ALPHA Red 0-2
AIN vs S.T 0-2
ALPHA Red vs S.T 0-2
Day 5 vs AIN 2-1
ALPHA Red vs Day 5 2-0

Round Date Match
Quarterfinal #1 25-Nov Team Olympus 1-2 pro Army
Quarterfinal #2 GameTV 2-1 Team CL
Quarterfinal #3 Monori Bacon 1-2 S.T
Quarterfinal #4 SMG 2-0 ALPHA Red
Semifinal #1 ProArmy 0-2 GameTV
Semifinal #2 S.T 0-2 SMG
Showmatches 26-Nov
Grand Final GameTV 1-4 SMG

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