Tribe Gaming acquires Valor Series squad Team Marauders

Tribe Gaming has announced that acquired the Valor Series squad Team Marauders, with a star-studded lineup of 80sHero (Dark Slayer lane), Zane (jungle), KzFox (midlane), Vengeance (Abyssal Dragon lane), and Beginnings (support). The team already has a slew of accomplishments under its belt, including earning the #1 seed in the Valor Series North America, and currently standing at 2nd place in the Valor Series.

Tribe Gaming acquired Valor Series squad Team Marauders

“It’s really exciting being able to be signed with a mobile-centric organization like Tribe. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Tribe and appreciate the support we’ve received from the team thus far. I’m more excited for the future of Arena of Valor with Tribe in the professional scene than I ever was before!” – Jacob “Beginnings” Chavez.

Tribe Gaming acquires Valor Series squad Team Marauders
Source: Tribe official announcement.

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