Valor Series Format and FAQ

The inaugural competitive season of Arena of Valor esports is set to begin soon! With online qualifiers on April 7th & 8th to determine the participating teams, we’ve put together the following FAQ and format overview for the complete Valor Series.

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Valor Series Format and FAQ

Valor Series Format

The first 8 teams for Valor Series will be determined by an online qualifier taking place on April 7-8. Points will be added up based on performance over the course of these two days, with the top 8 proceeding into Week 1 of Valor Series.

Additional chances for teams to center the Valor Series will be available through Weekly Qualifiers. Points add up for each team’s position in the weekly Valor Series bracket and points accumulate each week. The top 4 teams in points at the end of the Valor Series will face off in a special playoff for the chance to compete in the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) in Los Angeles.

The losing 4 teams from the weekly quarterfinals will then compete in relegation matches, with the bottom 2 of those being placed back into the next week’s qualifiers. The other 6 teams will move on directly to the quarterfinals.

Valor Series Format and FAQ


Week 1

  • Registration: March 26 – April 7
  • Qualifier: April 7 – April 8
  • Quarterfinal: April 11
  • Relegation matches, Semi + Grand Final: April 14

Week 2

  • Registration: April 7 – April 16
  • Qualifier: April 17
  • Quarterfinal: April 18
  • Relegation matches, Semi + Grand Final: April 21

Week 3

  • Registration: April 16 – April 23
  • Qualifier: April 24
  • Quarterfinal: April 25
  • Relegation matches, Semi + Grand Final: April 28

Week 4

  • Registration: April 23-30
  • Qualifier: May 1
  • Quarterfinal: May 2
  • Relegation matches, Semi + Grand Final: May 5

Week 5

  • Registration: April 30 – May 7
  • Qualifier: May 8
  • Quarterfinal: May 9
  • Relegation matches, Semi + Grand Final: May 12

Week 6

  • Registration: May 7 – May 14
  • Qualifier: May 15
  • Quarterfinal: May 16
  • Relegation matches, Semi + Grand Final: May 19

Valor Series Playoffs

  • June 12 in Los Angeles, California
  • Top 4 teams from Valor Series will face off, with the winners of EU and NA proceeding to AWC.

Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC)

  • July 16 in Los Angeles, California
  • 12 teams worldwide will meet and compete.

Valor Series Format and FAQ


How can I find or form a team to compete in the Valor Series?

We have two great places players can go to in order to meet others and form a team.

  • Over on Discord, look for the #teamfinder discussions and make a post, whether you’re recruiting for an open slot or you’re solo and want to join a team!
  • If you prefer reddit, browse the recruiting megathread to find your teammates! We will also be spinning up an entirely separate subreddit dedicated to AoV esports as the Valor Series begins.

What are the rules on player substitutions or acquisitions?

Teams must maintain 3 out of 5 players from their roster to retain points in the season.

What are the rules for international students living abroad? Which region am I eligible to compete in?

All members of a 5-player team must be living in the region they are competing in. Of those, 3 players must be permanent legal residents. This allows for students traveling abroad to compete in the Valor Series.

Is Mexico included in the North America regional qualifiers?

No, North America includes the United States and Canada – to maintain parity with the in-game server.

Is Turkey included in the European regional qualifiers?

Yes, we invite Turkish players to form teams and sign up for the EU Valor Series!

Where is Latin America?

We are still working on our esports plans for LATAM with our partners! Stay tuned for more news to come.

Is the prize pool distributed weekly?

The Valor Series prize pool will be awarded at the end of the season based on total points earned.

How will the cup be seeded?
Its random seeding. Go4 seeding is not used in the Valor Series.

Do all my team need to be resident in the EU/NA?
Only 3 of the 5 man line up must be resident in the region they are competing for (EU or NA).

What happens after we qualify?
Once a team qualifies they’ll be given access to a private channel here on the ESL AOV Discord with direct support for the League Ops team handling all the activates after the cups.

How does the point system work and what if a team cant play one week?
The points system is outline in the rules of every Valor Series cup. If you qualify and need further explanation, the League Ops team will be on hand to support you directly

Can my team change their roster mid season if they qualify?
Provided 3 of the original roster stays in the team, the team will retain its points. Once your team qualifies, the League Ops team will be available to clarify any of your concerns.

What if I think my opponent is cheating/doesn’t meet the requirements to compete?
If at any point you suspect you opponent is cheating or doesn’t meet the requirements to compete, please raise a support ticket and this will be addressed.

Source: Arena of Valor Official Forum.

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