Batman Hero Spotlight

Welcome to the Batman Hero Spotlight. Check out the full video for a guide to the Batman, the Dark Knight, including more on his gameplay, abilities, and build.

Batman Hero Spotlight


Batman Hero Spotlight


Caped CrusaderCaped Crusader

Mana Cost: 0 (+0)

When Batman approaches an enemy hero, his movement speed increases by 20%.

Forearm StrikeForearm Strike

Mana Cost: 50 (+5)

Batman attacks with his forearm blades and deals 215 (+145) physical damage to nearby enemies. One random enemy will take double damage.


Mana Cost: 80 (+10)

Batman launches an explosive Batarang that deals 165 (+97) physical damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed. The target will receive additional physical damage equal to 24% of their lost HP after 3 seconds. Enemies hit are stunned if attacked by Batman again, and Batman restores 140 (+85) HP.

Dark KnightDark Knight

Mana Cost: 120 (+15)

Batman conceals himself behind a colony of bats and becomes invisible after 1.5 seconds. Batman’s invisibility lasts for 30 seconds unless he stays within 6 units of an enemy hero for more than 3 seconds. If the ability is used again while invisible, he will fly towards the target direction, dealing 660 (+321) physical damage to enemies in his path. He gains 50% attack speed for 5 seconds after coming out of invisibility.

Batman Hero Spotlight


Most popular builds in Vietnam server:
Batman most popular builds in Vietnam server

Batman build by GTV PS Man:
Batman build by GTV PS Man

Most popular builds in South Korea server:
Most popular Batman builds in South Korea server

Most popular builds in Taiwan server:
Most popular Batman builds in Taiwan server

Batman Hero Spotlight


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