Superman Hero Spotlight

Welcome to the Superman Hero Spotlight. Check out the full video for a guide to the Superman, the Man of Steel, including more on his gameplay, abilities, and build.

Superman Hero Spotlight


Superman Hero Spotlight


Flight (Passive)

Superman has two modes: flying and walking. He gains 2% movement speed and charges energy for every 100 units he walks, and takes flight once energy is fully charged.

Flight mode grants 20% movement speed when moving towards an enemy, and his normal attacks deal additional damage equal to 12% of his own maximum HP.

Superman exits Flight mode when he is hit with a control effect that lowers his movement speed to 375 or less.

Kryptonian Strenght

Superman uses his ice breath to generate a blizzard that deals physical damage to enemies and slows their movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

If in Flight mode, Superman rams into enemies dealing physical damage, and then fires his heat vision dealing an additional damage.

Man of Steel

Superman unleashes his full power, which immediately frees him from control effects and significantly increases his movement speed.

If in Flight mode, Superman will slam the ground and knock back enemies, dealing physical damage as well as rid himself of control effects and increase his movement speed.

Speeding Bullet (Ultimate)

Superman taps into his full potential, which increases his charge up speed by 100% for 10 seconds.

If in Flight mode, Superman will ram into his enemies and knock them back, dealing physical damage, and have his charge up speed increased by 100% for 10 seconds.

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