Arena of Valor Launches on Nintendo Switch Next Month

Tencent Games today announced that Arena of Valor will launch as a free-to-play title on the Nintendo Switch in September 2018. Arena of Valor is the world’s first 5v5 team-based game to launch on Switch, and its launch on the Nintendo platform brings new as well as familiar modes for fans who have been competing on mobile.

Arena of Valor’s quick and easy to learn but hard to master gameplay on the Switch is similar to its mobile counterpart, but the biggest new addition is that fans will have the option to play anyone in the world at any time via a global server. Players from different regions can play with each other regardless of which territory they are in or what eShop they purchased the game from.

Additionally, Tencent has confirmed that Switch players can experience Ranked mode on the console and the exclusive new Motion Sensor Hook War Game mode, which fans can play by swinging their Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

For Arena of Valor’s loyal mobile players, Tencent plans to announce details for a “status match” event after the Nintendo Switch launch that will reward mobile players who have played enough to unlock characters and transfer those rewards to their Nintendo Switch version. Details on this event will be released soon.

Source: Tencent Games Press Release

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