Battlefield Reborn is now live

Tencent Games has rolled out a massive update to its hit MOBA Arena of Valor today: Battlefield Reborn. The largest update since the game launched in North America in December of last year, everything from art, maps, content and gameplay has been changed. A new video showcasing a detailed walkthrough of the update has been released.

Most of the changes encapsulate feedback the development team has received directly from the community, a testament to Tencent’s ongoing commitment to the Arena of Valor fanbase to deliver a true competitive 5v5 MOBA game.

A quick highlights list of changes is below, but the full list of enhancements can be found at here.

AOV Battlefield Reborn Update Highlights


  • Art assets have received enhancements
  • Augmentations to the Antara battlefield
  • Jungle Monsters and their buffs have been altered
  • New minion and tower designs
  • Significant balance changes
  • Enhanced spell/cast/damage values
  • New questing system

Source: Tencent Games Press Release

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