Crescent Moon Skud is Season 8 reward

Arena of Valor Ranked Match Season 8 has begun on October 1st and will end on January 1st, 2010. Reach the Gold IV rank and win 10 ranked matches during the season to earn special skin Crescent Moon Skud.

Crescent Moon Skud is Season 8 reward

At the end of the season, you will earn gems based on your rank.

Master3000 Gems
Diamond2000 Gems
Platinum1500 Gems
Gold1000 Gems
Silver500 Gems
Bronze300 Gems

Crescent Moon Skud

With the new season comes ranked changes. Here is a guide to discover what rank you will begin the new season as.

Bronze 3Bronze 3
Bronze 2Bronze 2
Bronze 1Bronze 1
Silver 3Bronze 1
Silver 2Silver 3
Silver 1Silver 3
Gold 4Silver 2
Gold 3Silver 2
Gold 2Silver 1
Gold 1Silver 1
Platinum 5Gold 4
Platinum 4Gold 4
Platinum 3Gold 3
Platinum 2Gold 3
Platinum 1Gold 3
Diamond 5Gold 2
Diamond 4Gold 2
Diamond 3Gold 1
Diamond 2Gold 1
Diamond 1Gold 1
Master 0 – 10Platinum 5
Master 11 – 50Platinum 4
Master 51 – 100Platinum 3
Master 101 – 150Platinum 2
Master 151 – 9999Platinum 1

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