Dec. 12th AoV Developer Letter

Tencent Games has announced their latest Arena of Valor Developer Letter for December 12th 2019 and upcoming plans with new content, new server, and more.

Dear Challengers:

Welcome once again, this time to our latest Developer Letter for December 12th 2019. The holidays are fast approaching, and as people plan their upcoming vacations we want to make sure that we continue to update the game, and even sneak a few surprises in there to keep you entertained this season during your time off. So, relax by the fire, get a mug of your favorite hot beverage, and let’s get to these patch notes.


As we said in the intro, the holidays are upon us, and that means it’s time for our Winter Festival! Next week you’ll find a cornucopia of activities waiting for you to explore. Make sure you check them all out to earn special treats & rewards.


We are actively looking into many reported issues that all of you have brought to our attention, so please keep reporting any issues you come across through the in-game support options, or if necessary, reach out to our moderators on Reddit and Discord. Also keep an eye out for our updated bug reporting and suggestion sections on the Discord server coming soon!

Crashing on Xeniel’s Codex

We’ve seen the reports of phones crashing when players are browsing the Xeniel’s Codex. It will be fixed with the update on 13th. Thank you for reporting it!

Unwanted Items

For our EU/NA servers, the one-button-selling feature was not normally shown. This feature will be fixed as well with the next update on the 13th.


There’s been some really valuable and constructive feedback, positive and negative this week. Let’s go over some of it now.


More details are coming for the India server! We are planning to merge the India Server into the current NA/EU version of the game after a major update in January 2020. With that update you will be able to transfer your account with all your data without having to redownload everything. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to do it no sooner than next month. Stay tuned and thanks for all your support!


We would like to say to all the MENA players that we have seen your immense desire for a MENA server and you have been heard. We are currently working on bringing more regions into our global version, and of course, this includes MENA. We hope to finish this process within the next three months. We’ll announce our plans to the community soon, so please stay tuned.


Some of you have suggested that we add an option allowing players to choose whether or not to show skin effects based on device specs. We understand your request and until we are able to implement something in the future, we will keep working to improve the performance of our game across as many devices as possible.

That is not all, we have more surprises in store for the next patch.


Now let’s feature some of this week’s fan creations!

That’s good Roxie gameplay. Thank you, Navalha. Feel free to watch it!

And this is actually a very cool bug, or maybe not a bug…

And this is actually a very cool bug, or maybe not a bug…


Castle of Origin - Arena of Valor

Starting this week, we’ll add lore stories to every week’s Developer Letter. Let’s start by reading a short one about The Castle of Origin, which is one of the most commonly seen site in the game.

The Castle of Origin is located in the south region of Athanor below the river.

As the capital of the Kingdom of Norman, it is not only the political center of the south but also the economic and cultural center. It is the south branch and the headquarters of many forces, including the Magister’s Council and Mercenary Guild, which are all located here.

In order to accommodate more people, the Castle of Origin was expanded several times. This resulted in deforestation but made room for new cultivation and canal construction. Three new areas formed in the southwest of the original site, which could be broadly divided into Nobility, Commercial and Civilian districts.

We’d like to hear more feedback and suggestions from all of you that play Arena of Valor. Join our official Arena of Valor Discord server here: where you can chat and interact with the vibrant community and share your feedback!

We’ll continue to try and make strides with each update. Thank you for playing.

Until next time.

– Arena of Valor Team

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