Mar. 9th Balance Changes

Arena of Valor will be updated on March 9th to address some balancing issues and provide a better experience for Tencent servers’ players.

Mar. 9th Balance Changes


[Explanation] We nerfed Tulen’s before to make sure he’s not too powerful compared to other mages. But as each new version comes out, it looks like we overnerfed him. We want him to be better at pushing a lane and leading the momentum of the match, so we are rolling back the nerf.

Passive: Thunderclap

Removed damage debuff for non-hero targets

Lightning Strike

Charging duration: 12 – 1 * Lv -> 10 – 0.6 *Lv


[Explanation] As the number of control effects grow, it has also negatively impacted Superman’s survivability. We want to give Superman the ability to “fly” away from being locked down.

We might consider overhauling the control effects in the game as a whole later, so characters with low mobility aren’t completely helpless.

Man of Steel

Cooldown: 14 -> 14 – 0.4 * Lv

Speeding Bullet

Duration: 8 -10 seconds -> 10 seconds


[Explanation] After the changes to Murad, we received feedback through the community. The learning curve for Murad is rather high, so we believe that the reward for mastering him should be equally high. Murad’s 2nd ability, which reduces armor, is a reward. In a group fight, the ability is difficult to land, and so in this update, we are tweaking some numbers to bring him back in line.

In the meantime, Murad’s high damage ultimate cannot be interrupted, which made many players feel bad. We’ve added a countermeasure to Murad’s ultimate: when there are many heroes, the damage dealt per target is reduced.

Temporal Turbulence

Damage: 140 – 250 (+0.68AD) -> 135 (+45 * Lv) (+0.6AD)

Each additional hero diminishes ability damage by 15%, down to 70% of the original damage.


Passive: Magic Body

Every point of mana deducts HP: 1.5 -> 1


Loose Cannon

Boosted normal attack base damage can no longer be critical hits.

Source: Arena of Valor.

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