What you need to know about Arena of Valor news and events from Tencent Games.

Arena of Valor Lore: Origins of Omen the Insatiable

Tencent Games has released new video featuring the lore of upcoming hero Omen, the Insatiable. Omen has released in Asia servers like South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. He will arrive in Europe, US/Canada and Latin America server soon.

Frostbite Raz teased in Taiwan server

Garena Taiwan, Taiwanese Arena of Valor publisher, has released new video featuring new skin: Frostbite Raz. Frostbite Raz is second skin for Raz in Arena of Valor and maybe release in Taiwan next week.

Bombshell Wonder Woman coming to Vietnam

Recently, Arena of Valor publisher in Vietnam has announced two new skins Bombshell Wonder Woman and Sharkover Cresht. Sharkover Cresht has released from February 20th, 2018 and Bombshell Wonder Woman will release from February 23th, 2018.

Valentine’s Event: Unlock Love Sworn Tel’Annas Skin

It's that time of year - love is in the air and sparks are flying between Arena of Valor's very own power couple - Arthur and Tel'Annas, the classic swordsman and marksman pairing. Beginning today until March 4, embark on a Valentine's Quest and collect Vows of Love to obtain this new skin.

Arena of Valor Season 5 Ranked Match Started!

Arena of Valor Ranked Match Season 5 has begun on January 31th, 2018 and will end on April 1st, 2018. Reach the Gold IV rank and win 10 ranked matches during the season to earn special skin Imperium Guard Chaugnar.