What you need to know about Arena of Valor news and events from Tencent Games.

Arena of Valor Lore: Origins of Liliana, the Elegant

Tencent Games has released new video featuring the lore of the Arena of Valor upcoming hero Liliana, the Elegant. Liliana has released in South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam servers and will arrive in Europe server on April 3rd, 2018.

Airi, the Kunoichi, coming to NA/LATAM

The Arena of Valor publisher, Tencent Games, has announced new hero Airi will be available for purchase in the Shop on USA/Canada and Latin America servers on March 30th, 2018. Airi was removed from the Lucky Draw Pendant Shop on the Europe server on March 8th, 2018 and available for …

Technoblade Butterfly arrived in NA/LATAM

The first Evolution skin Technoblade Butterfly has arrived in USA/Canada and Latin America servers. Evolution skins are a special type of skin that can be upgrades to obtain new arena entrance animations, dynamic splash screens, special sound effects, and unique profile icons.

How to Get Dread Knight Lu Bu Skin?

Tencent Games has announced new Arena of Valor event allow players earn the Dread Knight Lu Bu skin. From March 16th until April 1st, 2018 players will earn Blue Cubes for each day they login. Collect 40 Blue Cubes and you can redeem the Dread Knight Lu Bu skin for …