Swag Sunday is July 29th! Login and collect special rewards!

The Arena of Valor World Cup is just beginning, but Tencent Games is already planning our closing festivities!

What better way to celebrate Arena of Valor on a global scale than after the conclusion of our biggest esports event? On Swag Sunday, July 29th, login and play one match to unlock a DC hero of your choice or the Catacombs Arthur skin – available for the first time since global launch!

Swag Sunday is July 29th

A lot of things will be going on for one day only, so let’s break it down:

1. Login on Swag Sunday, 7/29 and play one match to unlock your choice of: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, The Joker OR Arthur’s Catacombs skin.

2. Every Hero (excluding Zephys) will be in the free hero rotation.

3. Double XP for all matches.

Every Hero (excluding Zephys) will be in the free hero rotation

4. Fennik, Natalya, and Ormarr’s Snow Festival skins return to the Shop.

5. The Mystery Shop returns! Unlock a BIG discount on select heroes and skins.

All of these great rewards are available only on Swag Sunday, July 29. Don’t miss it!

Source: Arena of Valor official site.