Patch Notes

April 12th Update: Patch Notes

Arena of Valor will be releasing its biggest update yet on April 12 to the USA/Canada, Latin America, and Europe servers. This update will include hero balance changes, in-game equipment changes, new arena mechanics, and other game adjustments.

Arena of Valor Balance Changes: March 8, 2018

Arena of Valor publisher, Tencent Games, has announced they will be implementing new balance changes to some heroes on Thursday, March 8 for all servers. Further details including update time and whether an App Store download will be required are still to come.

Arena of Valor January 31 Update Patch Notes

Tencent Games has announced Arena of Valor new update will be applied to Europe, US/Canada and Latin America server on Wednesday, January 31th, 2018. There will be no need to download a new update from the App Store or Google Play and any downtime should be quick.