Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview

Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Today we introduce Amily, the Crusher. She has released in Taiwan servers and coming to Vietnam server.

Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview


Duel (Passive)

When Amily’s normal attacks and Combo hit only one target, she deals 50% additional damage.

Kickblade (1st Ability)

Amily flings a blade hidden behind her leg. After hitting the initial target, the blade bounces up to 4 times between enemies, dealing physical damage and reducing targets’ movement speed by 30% for 1 second, with the initial target taking an additional 50% reduction. Amily gains 20% movement speed for 3 seconds after the blade returns to her, her health is restored and the ability’s cooldown is reduced by 30%.

Combo (2nd Ability)

Amily launches into a chain of attacks, dealing physical damage. The second hit knocks her target in the air, and empowers her next normal attack to deal an additional physical damage with a charge effect.

Passive: Amily recovers 1% of her maximum HP and maximum Mana per second and gains movement speed after exiting combat.

Enrage (Ultimate)

Amily becomes enraged after 1 second, dealing magic damage, gaining attack damage and 40 movement speed and becoming immune. While enraged, she also deals magic damage every second for 8 seconds.


Maximize damage by keeping only one enemy in Amily’s attack range.


Amily is a traitor.

In her last trial, she worked with three other candidates and killed more than ten supervisors, including the instructor. The four traitors paid a high price and were drenched in blood. However, this was just the beginning. Soon after they left the scene, they had to go into hiding in order to escape from the organization.

Amily did not have to do that. She could have become the next top assassin in “Hands of Shadow” by simply following the orders of the organization and slay all other competitors in the trial. The leader of the organization, Quillen, favored her and even promised her a glamorous public identity with fame, wealth and power.

As an orphan, Amily could not have asked for more, but she chose to escape from all of this. It was not just for the freedom she had always longed for, but more for her belief that her long-lost younger sister is still waiting for her somewhere in the world. She had thought about asking the organization for help, and put extraordinary effort in her training to give her more leverage, but gave up the idea.

The Hands of Shadow is not a charity. They gather orphans from war, famine and disasters, provide them with food, lodging and cruel training. They fight and kill one another to become “seeds”, so they can be turned into deadly and obedient killing machines.

There is no place for emotion in the organization. Amily learned it from the scar on her waist. In her first trial, she stood in front of a friend to protect him, but he stabbed her in return.

Since then, she kept to herself and became quieter, more cautious and diligent. In return, she was able to survive every trial and earn the organization’s favor.

Many supervisors also trusted Amily for her hatred against the non-humans. She lost her family and everything else because her homeland was destroyed by the Lokheim demons. The orc legions and Demigod of the Veda were not innocent, either. As an organization extremists, the Hands of Shadow is determined to eliminate all non-humans that pose threats to humans. They thought an orphan like Amily would be easily brain-washed. In fact, she did agree with some of their teachings, but she had always retained some sense of humanity, thanks to her longing for her sister.

Amily made a promise in front of her dying parents that she would find her sister. Ten years had passed since then, she lived in shadow and her hands dripped with the blood of her peers. She learned to build a wall around her heart, and she never forgot that promise. It was like a seed, and each time Amily mourned her parents, missed her sister, long for freedom or survived another trial, the seed would grow.

So, with all the skills and endurance developed over the years, she has shattered her shackles.

“Freedom tastes great!”


Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview


Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview

Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview


Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview

Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview


Original Amily

Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview

Athanor’s Finest Amily

Amily, the Crusher: Abilities and Story Preview

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