Arduin Story & Abilities Preview

Keep an eye on your ability use rate. Arduin is most powerful when you make use of Undying Protector to buff your normal attacks in conjunction with the healing abilities of Bloodlust.


Arena of Valor Arduin Story & Abilities Preview

Arduin was the leader of mankind trained by the Vedä.

Brave and perseverant, Arduin was the epitome of a great leader in the public’s eye. His speech was so affectionate and evoking, it attracted young and passionate rebel warriors to join his legion, fighting for a higher goal.

Instructed by the Vedä, Arduin once regarded Thane as his rival. He decided to fight Thane for honor, but won Thane’s admiration with his fearless combat style and confident tactics. After years of collaboration, Arduin finally accepted Thane as an ally and their friendship grew.

The duo was fundamental to the rebels’ victory. The Fallen were forced to withdraw their defense lines and retreat to Inferi. In the last battle, Arduin and Thane quarreled for the first time in a long time. Arduin wanted to keep on battling, in hopes of obliterating the dark forces and bringing back the long-awaited peace, while Thane thought such an action would only devastate what they had achieved so far.

Failing to persuade him, Arduin abandoned Thane and together with his warriors and supporting squads of Vedä, they marched into Inferi to hunt down the remaining Fallen and demons. Yet, Arduin’s legion was misled to the Icy Terrain by the cunning Veera. She ignited the frost fire, hoping to annihilate the entire legion. Feeling a deep regret of his own decision, Arduin strode through the frost fire and created a storm by swinging his ax, attempting to create a safe passage for his warriors.

Thanks to Arduin’s resourcefulness, a few soldiers managed to survive, but many of their fellows perished in the unforgiving frost fire. Even Arduin himself was scorched in battle, but was saved by the Vedä-blessed armor. Despite the fact that Arduin swung his ax without much technique or thought, he still managed to kill the enemies who dared to come close.

Veera timely stepped in and stopped the Fallen from taking revenge. She poured the frost fire into Arduin’s crippling body, rendering the holy seal of Vedä useless. Soon, Arduin’s body was burned to ashes, and his remaining fighting spirit was marked with a dark seal by Veera. The freezing frost fire replaced the Holy Force and became the sole driving force of the armor.

“Those who lament the loss of Arduin will never expect to see their legendary hero again like this!”


Arena of Valor Arduin Story & Abilities Preview

Bloodlust: If Arduin’s HP falls below 50%, Arduin will enter Bloodlust mode for 8 seconds. While in Bloodlust mode, Arduin restores 2% of his maximum HP when his abilites or normal attacks damage enemies. Bloodlust has a 60-second cooldown and Arduin will enter Bloodlust mode again immediately after the cooldown if his HP is below 50% at that time.

Rend: Arduin swings his axe, sending out an energy arch that deals physical damage and slows enemy movement speed for 2 seconds. If Arduin hits an enemy hero, he can also smash his axe into the ground to deal physical damage and knock enemies into the air for 1 second.

Undying Protector: Arduin summons a shield that has 10% of his own maximum HP, which lasts 5 seconds. When the shield is summoned, Arduin deals magic damage to surrounding enemies. Within 8 seconds of summoning his shield, Arduin’s next 3 normal attacks deal an additional true damage, and each time his normal attacks damage an enemy, the cooldown time for Cull is reduced by 1 second.

Cull: Arduin flings his axe forward dealing physical damage and stunning the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds. He then hurls towards the axe’s spot, dealing physical damage to surrounding enemies. Once Cull is activated, control effects will not stop Arduin from completing the ability.


Arena of Valor Arduin Story & Abilities Preview


Arena of Valor Arduin Story & Abilities Preview

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Arena of Valor Arduin Story & Abilities Preview

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