Capheny, the Gunner: Abilities and Story Preview

Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Today we introduce new marksman Capheny, the Gunner. She has released in Taiwan servers and coming to other servers.

Capheny, the Gunner: Abilities and Story Preview


Aquamarine (Passive): Aquamarine is a fully automatic firing solution developed by Capheny. It has two modes: Rapid Shot and Pulse Shot. Capheny is able to move while firing, but then only deals 50% damage (increases with hero level) to monsters. Aquamarine also converts attack speed bonuses from equipment into attack damage.

Pulse Shot (1st Ability): Aquamarine switches to Pulse Shot, increasing its firing range and changing Armorbreaker to Propulsion. Pulse Shot costs 20 energy and reduces Capheny’s movement speed by 40% for a short period of time. The shot deals physical damage to the first target on its path, then the damage is reduced by 10% for each target it passes through, up to 50%.

When Capheny’s energy is below 20, Aquamarine will switch back to Rapid Shot automatically.

Passive: Aquamarine will recharge while under Rapid Shot, and normal attacks in this mode will speed up the recharging.

Pulse Shot Base Damage

Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5Lvl 6

Armorbreaker (2nd Ability): Capheny removes movement speed debuffs on herself and gains a 100% movement speed increase that decreases over 0.5 seconds, and instantly gains 10 stacks of armor piercing effect.

Passive: Each time an attack hits an enemy while Capheny is in Rapid Shot, she gains Armor Pierce (increases with level). This effect stacks up to 10 times.

When in Pulse Shot, this ability becomes Propulsion and the related stack effect also becomes that of Propulsion.

CooldownLvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5Lvl 6

Fusillade (Ultimate): Aquamarine opens fully and fires a barrage of shots every 0.2 seconds for 3 seconds, each wave dealing physical damage and reducing target’s armor by 1.5% over 2 seconds (stackable). While firing, Capheny’s movement speed is reduced by 30%.

Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3
Base Damage



Tips: Capheny is very versatile and mobile, but also very fragile. Make sure to keep a safe distance from targets.



An explosion rocked slumbering Kazell. The Videl Arsenal was in chaos as raging fires lit up the night sky.

Capheny did not have time to admire her handiwork. A red figure appeared from the shadow, stalking her every move.

Six months ago, Capheny had returned from her studies in Mildar, joining the Videl Institute where her parents worked. The prototype that she brought back with her and its exoskeleton technology provided a solution to the power bottleneck that the OICW project had been struggling with, paving the path to mass production.

Videl Military Industries was the largest military-industrial enterprise in the Confederation. Production and sales of its weapon were tightly regulated by federal law to ensure that they were used only in wars that were just and legal. Yet there were always those working in the shadows who did not feel bound by such rules — to them, these rules were merely minor nuisances, speed bumps on their way to their insidious goals.

Capheny never imagined that the OICW project was sponsored by the radical organization “Shadow Hand”, or that her parents were part of that organization. The shadowy organization sponsored the OICW project in order to build a powerful private military, one that would be used for genocidal purposes. The Shadow Hand’s first target was Mildar, where Capheny had studied. The city was home to master craftsmen like Moren and established production lines, resources that were highly valuable to the Shadow Hand.

By the time she learned of the truth, Capheny had been imprisoned by her very own parents. Capheny did not know if they kept her alive because they still felt some parental bond to her, or if it was simply for her knowledge. It did not matter — what mattered was that she was alive, and if she was alive, she had a chance. Lockpicking and combat were merely some of the more pragmatic skills that she acquired in Mildar.

Her best subject, however, was firearms. Sneaking into the production center with the help of her still-valid employee permit, she stole a prototype mech and unleashed its powerful arsenal on its sister machines still on the production line. A faster and more effective way to foil the evil plot than to put one’s trust in the law and its long, drawn-out and possibly fruitless investigations.

Of course, the plan was not without drawbacks. Violation of federal law was one thing, but at the moment, the red figure chasing after her was her most pressing concern. She did not have to look back to feel its cruel and sinister presence.

Capheny set a course for Mildar without even realizing it. There she would find her only friends in this world, the only people who could sooth the pain of being separated from her parents and her home — a home that she knew she would never return to.

“Tired yet?”

With a little laugh, the red figure dashed forward, overtaking Capheny.

Long crimson red hair covered half of the woman’s pale face. Her eyes were equally bright red, a frightening sight in the moonlight. But even more frightening was the whip that she was wielding in her hand, dancing in the dark night like a cobra seeking its prey.

If Capheny’s parents were there, they could have told her who the woman was: Veres, the rising star of Shadow Hand’s eliminators.

“You won’t take me alive — one step closer and I set off this mech’s self-destruct system!” Capheny’s words were bold, but her heart was racing, panting heavily. She had dismissed Wisp’s suggestion, made mostly in jest, that she should install a self-destruct system on the mech. The irony was not lost on her, even in this tense moment.

“Relax. I’m not really after you.”

Veres, on the other hand, was decidedly nonchalant.

“I just wanted to see who took care of a job that I really couldn’t be bothered to do.”


Capheny was at a loss for words. There was no doubt that Veres was Shadow Hand — the woman had the mark of the organization on her, as did her parents.

“I owe you one, so I won’t kill you — this time. Pretty good deal, don’t you think?”

Veres could tell that Capheny did not belong to the organization. And it was unlikely that Quillen would have sent another agent to do the job after giving her the orders. It was clear, then, that Capheny must be an enemy of the organization.

But Veres did not care too much about that. Capheny had done her a little favor, even saving her the trouble of cleaning up after herself. And, well, nobody’s watching.

“Just remember — you may not be so lucky next time.”

Veres waved and disappeared into the night.

Capheny felt her legs give way underneath her. She fell to the ground sitting, her back wet with cold sweat. She was too young to understand the shadowy world of politics, nor could she detect the undercurrents of conflict between factions within the Shadow Hand in Veres’ words.

She had only one thought.

Go home. Go back to Mildar. Go back to that world of sunlight, where shadows had no place.


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Capheny, the Gunner: Abilities and Story Preview

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Capheny, the Gunner: Abilities and Story Preview


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