Dirak, Supreme Mage: Abilities and Story Preview

Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Today we introduce new mage hero Dirak, Supereme Mage. He is availabled in Tencent servers as Xeniel’s Codex Chapter 12 rewards.


Magic Body (Passive)

Dirak will not die when his HP reaches 0 but will instead take damage to his Mana. Each point of Mana is equivalent to 1 damage.

Astrolobe (1st Ability)

Cooldown: 6 seconds.

Mana Cost: 100.

Summons a spinning astrolobe for 0.8 seconds, knocking back enemies and dealing 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+20% of AP) hero / 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+10% of AP) (non-hero) magic damage to enemies every 0.2 seconds in its area of effect. Enemies on the outside take 40% less damage.

Passive: Dirak recovers 1% max Mana whenever damage is dealt to an enemy hero. Recast if Astrolobe hits a target with Genesis Mark.

Fallen Star (2nd Ability)

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9/8 seconds.

Mana Cost: 120.

Creates a magic circle at the target area. 3 falling stars are summoned after 1.5 seconds or when changing the direction of the circle, knocking back enemies. The falling stars explode if they hit an obstacle, stunning enemies and placing Genesis Marks on enemy heroes. Falling stars are summoned directly if the magic circle is placed on an obstacle, dealing 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+12.5% of AP) magic damage, stunning targets for 0.5 seconds and placing Genesis Marks on enemy heroes.

Genesis Barrir (Ultimate)

Cooldown: 80/75/70 seconds.

Mana Cost: 150.

Knock back enemies in the target direction and gain Genesis Command, creating a magic barrier that blocks all enemy projectiles and costs 5% Mana per second to maintain.

After 2 seconds, removes barrier and gains Genesis Blast. The barrier is also removed upon absorbing a projectile, recovering 2% max HP and Mana.

Genesis Command: Dirak’s attack speed is increased by 25% and his normal attacks are enhanced, dealing (+50% of AP)(+25% of AP) magic damage to enemies within area of effect every 0.2 seconds.

Genesis Blast: Deals 800/1000/1200 (+100% of AP) magic damage to enemies in a straight line and slash damage equal to 15% of target’s HP lost.


Darkness descended on Carano, the city of magic once more.

Dirak, the High Speaker of the Magisters’ Council had just ended a day of work.

The battle at Sunfall Valley had ended, leaving a tattered ancient battlefield and a vast amount of Andura Stones. The Magisters’ Council claimed a large portion of the stones as its spoils of war, and among them were many unique treasures. However, the one treasure that Dirak prized the most was this black dark matter stone. Whenever Dirak approached this stone, he would be overwhelmed with feelings of cold and despair, as if he was staring death in the face.

During the day, Dirak could still rely on the sunlight that entered his lab through the windows to restrain the aura of this stone. But once night descended, he would have to engage magic shields to offset the its power.

However, not all mages were skilled enough to cast advanced magic shields. Therefore, Dirak asked the mages to work in the lab only during the day. Although he had no such intention, this convention restored some warmth to the lab and improved his reputation among the mages.

“Welcome home, Mr. Dirak!” Apu, the spirit of the tower, greeted its returning master warmly.

However, Dirak, who was sitting in the magic-powered vehicle, didn’t pay any attention to this as he was still lost in thought over his studies during the day. In the blink of an eye, he came up with another few plausible experimental plans.

Long used to this, Apu spoke no more and guided the vehicle into the tower in silence.

Suddenly, the gate of the tower devoured Dirak along with the new vehicle like a fierce beast.

“What’s this?” Dirak frowned and broke out of his thoughts to focus on the situation before him.

A dark shadow shrouded the tower and the lamps that provided illumination remained dark.

“Apu?” Dirak called out the name of the tower spirit but got no response.

Without a moment of hesitation, Dirak removed his coat and walked out of the vehicle. His feet felt like they were entrenched in a swamp, so he tried lifting his foot. However, a powerful suction force imprisoned his leg firmly.

“Which old friend of mine is playing a prank on me?” Dirak’s calm tone also conveyed a sense of ridicule.

In response to his words, a ball of green fire ignited in the darkness.

“Hehehe… It’s been a while, Dirak.” The hoarse voice that responded sounded as terrible as a poorly sawed tree that had been soaked in sewage for several hundred years.

Dirak measured the hood-wearing man before clenching his nose and making a painful expression. “I’m afraid I must correct myself. I have never made a friend as smelly as you!”

“Dirak, are you trying to anger me? You should save yourself that effort and focus on escaping my trap.”

Dirak sneered. “You call this a trap? You’re so ancient that you can’t keep up with the times, Lorion!”

“Yes! I truly am old compared to youngsters like you.” Lorion coughed, as if to prove his own words. “I feel depressed and sad whenever I am reminded of the achievements you and D’Arcy…”

A golden orb of energy interrupted Lorion’s words.

“You old dotard, how dare a vile person who can even lay hands on his own disciple pretend to be deep in front of me?!”

As he spoke, Dirak threw a golden orb of energy at Lorion. Faced with the infamous black magic, Dirak held nothing back. He had reached such a high level of attainment in magic that he had no longer been confined to spells of certain elements, but the appearance of the spell had the shadow of the divine arts.

This was why Dirak could become the High Speaker of the Magisters’ Council and why be was known as the Master Mage. Dirak has mastered the magic of all elements and further deconstructed known magic elements. In this process, he discovered that the elements of magic were quite similar to the power of light in the essence of creation.

However, compared to the holy and gentle divine arts, the magic elements that Dirak controlled were much more berserk and aggressive!

Lorion, who thought victory was in his grasp, witnessed how fearsome this new magic was. Frost could quench flames and rock could obstruct thunder and lightning; in that case, what can restrain highly-concentrated magic power?

The answer is nothing! You either dodge it or face it head on!

Lorion’s long robe might be tattered, but it was still a rare magic item that could absorb magic damage.

Even so, the magic at Dirak’s disposal far exceeded the limit that the robe could absorb—even the aftershocks of the explosions were sufficient to consume the power of the robe and soon caused it to decompose.

“Damn it!”

Lorion did not lament the loss of his robe, but the consequence of his failure to trap Dirak. Given how Dirak operates, he would definitely need to pay a heavy price.

The overbearing Dirak didn’t spare a single thought to consider Lorion’s feelings. The orbs took the shape of a construct very much like an astrolabe and barraged Lorion who was looking more roughshod by the minute. At the same time, it damaged the array responsible for maintaining this cage of darkness.

Although he acted confidently, Dirak has analyzed this incident thoroughly in his mind. The fact that Lorion could infiltrate his tower and set up a trap indicated that the enemy must have hidden a mole in the council. Moreover, this person must have a decent level of authority to effectively fool Apu’s senses and bring Lorion here.

The fact that such an important mole was willing to risk exposing himself meant that the enemy had a greater plan. Dirak had the confidence that he could defeat anyone in his tower, no matter who they were, but it was obvious that the enemy only sought to tie him up.

“What could possibly be happening outside?” The magic runes on the staff Dirak wielded flashed quickly.

Finally, the magic array maintaining the barrier collapsed under Dirak’s assault. Dirak saw light again and he was still sitting in the vehicle that Apu was guiding into the tower. The gates of the tower were not fully closed and the tower light before him was still as bright as day.

“Was it an illusion, or…” Dirak removed his coat once more and exited the vehicle.

A sea of flames had engulfed Carano when he was unaware and the nightborn who usually avoided mages were currently ravaging the city. In the air, countless wandering evil spirits wailed.

“I see! So they trapped me to take action against Carano?” Dirak’s mind span quickly.

It is obvious that he was not the only high-ranking member of the council to be ambushed that night.

Moreover, the contingencies of the enemy were pulled out by Dirak’s appearance.

“We have one more guest tonight.” The gloomy face of Nerov appeared in the darkness.

“Don’t let your guard down. This enemy is strong!” Lorion appeared in his tattered robe and issued a reminder.

A Corrupted? A dark mage? A sea monster and a cyclops?

You’re betting a lot on this hand!

Dirak laughed at them and floated into the sky.

“Leave now unless you want to die!”



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