Laville, Clestial Light: Abilities and Story Preview

Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Today we introduce new Marksman hero Laville, Clestial Light. He is available in Vietnam servers and coming to Tencent servers.

Laville Clestial Light


Lucky Star (Passive): When Laville lands 3 normal attacks, his next normal attacks shoot 3 bullets and stack attack speed.

Light Chaser (1): Each of Laville’s normal attacks shoots bullets at another 2 enemies in the area.

Mighty Shield (2): Laville increases his movement speed and gain a 1.5 second shield that resists an enemy ability.

Double Trouble (3): Laville shoot a bullet of light that flies across the entire map, stunning and damaging units it hits.


Laville Clestial Light

Laville is a typical Mildarian: Idle and a born optimist.

He spent the first twenty years of his life loitering aimlessly around the streets of Mildar. His one and only interest was the shooting range.

In the Kingdom of Okka, he may have been seen as wasting his life, but not in Mildar.

He lived in the eastern district. It is an ordinary residential area filled with sunlight, the smell of freshly baked bread, and the clanging of the smelting works. He knew the whole area like the back of his hand, and loved his home with all his heart.

However, everything changed on one sunny afternoon.

The baker’s son, Josef, had not returned home for several days. He had run up a sizeable debt at the Monte Carlo Casino and had no way of repaying it. This casino was infamous for its extortionately high interest rates and the use of underhand methods.

Unable to bear seeing the tears streaming down his neighbor’s face, Laville decided to do something. He picked up his old guns and headed for the casino. After much chaos, he returned with Josef.

The next day, just as Laville left the shooting range, he was grabbed and taken away by a Veda administrator.

The Monte Carlo Casino was owned by Gildur. However, the Archons were not looking to settle the score; they told Laville that a very important person was most impressed by his marksmanship during the ruckus at the casino, and had extended an olive branch in the hope that he would join Veda.

Laville immediately declined; he could not imagine himself as an Archon. That would be as absurd as a drunkard becoming a priest.

The imposing administrator took out a ledger and calculated the cost of the damage that Laville had caused in the casino. Based on his current income, it would take him more than thirty years to pay it off. The administrator then told Laville that if he became an Archon, he would receive a very generous salary with additional bonus. There are also excellent promotion prospects; for a talented Archon such as Laville, the sky would be the limit.

Laville now took interest. With such generous conditions on offer, he would happily play at being a nun, let alone a priest!

And that is how Laville ended up joining Veda. From the very beginning, his undisciplined nature made him stick out like a sore thumb, and the other members took a very long time to get used to his constant talking. Enzo once publicly said that he would never have anything to do with him, but Laville did not care. He thought the dull place needed someone like him to liven things up. He practiced shooting under Yorn, and was given a new weapon specially made just for him: a pair of guns with the power of light. It was not long before he was assigned to the Light Chaser squad. This squad seemed to consist of the three youngest and weakest members of Veda. Their first quest was to go to the Abyssal Rift at the border between Verno Forest and Mt. Orphean to determine the cause of some abnormal fluctuations.

Laville was brimming with confidence at the prospect of the challenge: “The Light Chasers may not look like much, but our faith is strong!”



Laville Original Skin

Laville Original Skin

Ska8er Boi

Laville Ska8er Boi Skin

Laville Ska8er Boi Skin



Laville Equipment Suggested

Laville Equipment Suggested


Laville Arcana Recommended

Laville Arcana Recommended


Laville Rune Recommended

Laville Rune Recommended

Laville Rune Recommended

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