What you need to know about Arena of Valor new hero abilities, story, attributes, and more.

Liliana, the Elegant: Abilities & Story Preview

Liliana's normal attacks in both Human Form and Fox Form are enhanced if her abilities in Human Form hit enemies. Reiki Shot deals a lot of damage and is best paired with control abilities because it moves slowly.

TeeMee, the Stalwart Twins: Abilities & Story Preview

Before engaging the enemy, use Pooty Poots so you can build up its strength and unleash its maximum effects on an enemy. Being a Bro's resurrection effect is extremely valuable, but the effect only lasts for a short time. Be sure to time its use properly when engaged in a team battle.

Lindis, the Sentinel: Abilities & Story Preview

Move through the brush whenever possible to take advantage of Lindis' passive. This can help you kite your enemies or establish map control. Use Piercing Gaze to view your surroundings before rushing into unknown territory. Also, before entering a group battle, be sure to lay a trap along one of your enemies' possible escape routes.