Wiro Sableng, the 212 Warrior: Abilities & Story Preview

Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Today we introduce Wiro Sableng, the 212 Warrior. He has released in Arena of Valor Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan servers and coming to Tencent servers.

Wiro Sableng, the 212 Warrior: Abilities and Story Preview


212 Pinnacle (Passive): Wiro’s training has reached a new level, increasing his armor and magic defense (not effective while on cooldown). When Wiro is near death, his health is restored by 60% and he is immobilized for 4.5 seconds, during which he loses 25% armor and magic defense and 3 insignias appear around him.

When touched by an ally hero, each insignia restores 10% HP to Wiro and the hero. After all 3 insignias have been activated or at the end of 4.5 seconds, Wiro deals magic damage to nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed. He also gains 50% attack speed and 30% movement speed for 5 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 90 seconds.

212 Pummel (1st Ability): Wiro resets his normal attack and enhances his next 3 normal attacks, with each strike dealing additional physical damage. The 3rd strike knocks the target in the air for 0.75 seconds.

212 Maelstrom (2nd Ability): Wiro charges towards the target direction (but will be stopped if he runs into an obstacle), dealing physical damage to enemies along the way and knocking them back. If enemies are knocked into an obstacle, they take 50% additional damage and are stunned for 1 second. If Wiro runs into an enemy building, the building takes physical damage.

212 Landslide (Ultimate): Wiro charges for a short period of time (during which he can move, and 80% of the cooldown is returned if the ability is cancelled) then smashes his axe into the ground, dealing physical damage to enemies nearby and knocking them in the air for 1 second. The longer the charging time, the larger the range and higher the damage. Each enemy that gets knocked into the air deals an additional 50% physical damage to other nearby enemies when they land.

Passive: After learning this ability, Wiro’s abilities and enhanced normal attacks deal additional magic damage to nearby enemies and buildings for 3 seconds.

Tips: Pay attention to timing and range of Wiro’s Ultimate and make sure to use it in an area crowded with enemies. Decide on a path before using 212 Maelstrom to make sure Wiro doesn’t run into obstacles.


“Who is the craziest one?!”

Wiro is a famous “mad hero”. Some like his bold character, while some hate his madness. None of this matters to Wiro anyway. He simply enjoys life and adventures in his own way. Too many new things to be discovered and too many evil enemies to be challenged on Athanor.

While Wiro’s style often makes himself an obstacle, few see Wiro as a real enemy, especially the warlords with armies. Those with power all understand that there is no real conflict between Wiro and them, because he is a lone wolf that demands no power or wealth, unlike themselves.

Wiro had been through many legendary adventures and his heroic deeds became popular stories. People love his wisdom, courage and humor, but they are puzzled by his recklessness. Why does he love danger so much?

Some think it’s Wiro’s bold personality, but that’s far from the truth: Wiro’s body contains two different souls. When the dimensional rift expanded, the Wiro in a different world sensed the changes in Athanor, so he followed clues and met his other self in Athanor.

Both of them have been practicing “212” and their souls resonated from the moment they met. The Wiro in Athanor was trying to find a way to fix the dimensional rift, while the Wiro from another world also wanted to save his homeland from this crisis. They needed greater power!

With the spiritual guidance of “212”, they fused and two souls became one.

Of course, in other people’s eyes, there is only one Wiro. One body cannot handle the power of two souls, so the overflowing power resides in Wiro’s axe, which is the only dragon axe that could withstand the true power of “212”. The power is awakened when Wiro’s life is in danger.

After all, Wiro is not joking when he says, “If you kill me, there is always another!”


Original Wiro

Original Wiro


Ability Order

Wiro Sableng Ability Order

Suggested Equipment

Wiro Sableng Suggested Equipment

Wiro Sableng Suggested Equipment

Wiro Sableng Suggested Equipment

Recommended Arcana

Wiro Sableng Recommended Arcana

Wiro Sableng Recommended Arcana

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