“Eight hundred years ago, the Kingdom of Norman and the magicians joined hands together in order to eradicate the devil creatures remaining on human territories. Magicians infused the blood of the abyssal power into the warriors, who then transformed into Demon Hunters and became strong enough to fight against the demons. This, is the origin of the Demon Hunters.”

The one-eyed Hartford babbled on about the glorious history of the Demon Hunters, even though the attention of the newly recruited below the platform has long since been directed to somewhere—or rather, someone—else.

“Hey look, the training officer with black hair there, I’ve never seen her before. Is she new?”

“Wow! She’s my type!”

“Save it. It’ll take like three of you to even be remotely good enough for her.”

“Wanna bet? Three months top!”

“Like I’m afraid! Loser has to run a lap around the camp, naked.”


“Count me in!”

“And me!”

“Valhein, you wanna have a hand in this?”

“Eah… I don’t quite like to… bet on this type of thing…” After a slight hesitation, Velhein admits.

“Such a bore!” His teammate complains.

“No no, I mean… forget about the bet. A training officer as pretty as her, I’d love to make the move myself! ” Valhein curls his lips, impressing his teammates with elegance and courage.

“So, that’s why you asked me out?” Violet stretches and rolls her eyes at Valhein. What guts this newbie has to bet on her! Well, at least he is rather good-looking and has a good taste—it is only after Violet considers these two factors that she refrains from throwing him out of her office.

“Please please do me this favor, dear instructor. You know, I’ve just won some money from last week’s training, and it might not be much, but it should be enough for the most famous restaurant in town.” Finding that Violet—surprisingly—did not get mad, Valhein seizes the chance to up his offer. “You play the scene with me, and I’ll buy you a dinner. How about that?”

“Deal!” Violet accepts the offer instantly. “I’ve had enough of the nutrimeal at the camp and not being able to afford something fancy! An offer for some actual food? Hell yeah!”
Valhein leaves the office with joy written all over his face, although it never occurs to him why an officer with a higher ranking than him will be such a penny-pincher.

The Demon Hunters is an elite troop. Everyone, from the trainees to commanders, is trained to become a part of this finest team that is always the first to respond to any danger at any time of the day. The general commander for this troop is a man of great merit, the chief marshal of the Federation himself, Hartford; and as Valhein and his teammates secretly call him, “the One-eyed Fiend”. “One-eyed”, because one of his eyes was destroyed by a demon during a battle; “Fiend”, because Hartford then took out his revolver, blew up that demon’s head with just one single shot, and sliced his corpse into so many chunks with a sword that no one could recognize who that was.

As for Violet, she is the second-in-command who was specially chosen by Hartford. Valhein and his groups used to think that she was just a common instructor, and that was why they dared to bet on her. By the time they have realized her true identity, it is already too late for Valhein to turn back.

Compared with running a lap around the camp naked, being cursed by Violet seems to be the more preferable option.

“At least she’s a reasonable commander.” Valhein hums a popular tune delightfully, looking forward to seeing how their “show” at the dinner is going to dazzle his teammates. As a matter of fact, he has something else on his mind: if things turn out well, it might just become true. After all, Violet is indeed an attractive girl, no matter if it is her appearance or her status.

This is how the two heroes met each other. It might not be a legendary tale, for it has the faint tone of nothing but a mundane, worldly romantic lore. Valhein would never have thought that, when they are at the verge of a hopeless situation at some point in the future, it will be Violet who guards his back, guns in hand, standing firm as his most reliable ally.

Of course, it might have nothing to do with love but rather with the glory of the Federation and of the mankind. At the end of the day, it is a duty that traces back to hundreds of years ago, when Demon Hunters first appeared on the stage of history, and claimed:

“I will fight on every inch of land where darkness falls!”