“As per the Federation of the Free’s decision, the Junior officer of your department, Violet, is being transferred presently to the Demon Hunters, where she shall serve the position of second-in-command. This transfer order takes effect today.”

Staring at the stamp of the federal military commission, Violet is once again reminded of the fight that had taken place earlier today: She shouted questions at the chief of the investigation bureau, Norrick, why he would transfer her when the case has just reached a critical stage. Yet Norrick simply emphasizes the order’s validity, instantaneity, and its mandatory quality, completely ignoring all of her heckling questions.

Indeed, in the Federation of the Free, a transfer order from the federal military commission denotes an irrefutable legal effect. Violet has to hand over the corruption case that she has been following for a year to her colleagues, despite knowing that their incompetence is not going to help it at all.

The paper crumples up in Violet’s fingers.

Violet knows that Norrick cut her off because the case is entangled with a number of important characters, even Quillen, the senior senator of the federation, is suspected to be involved. Still, even though Violet has the guts to investigate into it, Norrick is more concerned about others being harmed by the investigation, especially himself. So it is not difficult to understand that Norrick must have been a part of this agreement: to transfer her so that this case will never be solved.

“Wanna kick me off that easily?” Violet throws the crumpled paper into the trash can. “Just wait and see.”

“What are you doing?” The one-eyed Hartford glares at his new subordinate standing in front of him.

“Sir, I had insomnia last night so I woke up late,” Violet answers flatly.

“This is the seventh time that you’re late for work! And you’ve just taken office seven days ago!”

“My apologies, Sir. Perhaps it is my incompetency that’s causing a burden for my job. If you find this true, please transfer me back to Norrick’s department and find someone else for this position.” Violet slightly raises her chin, almost unable to disguise her joy.

“Find someone else? Ha, you think you can fool me? You want to go back to the investigation bureau to work on that case, and let me tell you this: you were specifically chosen by me myself, Hartford. So if you can’t accomplish anything here, a certification of disability from me can just send you straight home.”

Violet cannot believe the General Commander of the Demon Hunters speaks like an unreasonable rascal; no, not “like”, he “is”!

She finally breaks out after a moment of silence.

“On what ground can you do that? I’ve been on that case for a whole year; I even spent my own money when the bureau won’t support me. Now that I’ve finally made some big progress, you guys transferred me with just a thin sheet of paper! How am I ever going to do deal with this new job fairly? Sir?”

“Naïve.” Hartford spills out the word nonchalantly.

Violet’s roar comes on to him like a sweeping wave.

In the end, Violet decides to stay. The reason is simple: just as Hartord has said, if she cannot even overthrow Hartford (and he is an aged, half-disabled man), there will be little chance she can bring down those wily old foxes. “Stay, the experience will only be good for you.” Hartford tries to persuade her.

He is right. The newly founded Demon Hunters a hot commodity right now: Prince Thane has promised it continuous funding, and it has the most advanced weaponry produced by the arsenal. In addition, because of the demon hunters’ history with magicians, the council is also willing to aid them.

But the most important factor that makes Violet yield to Hartford, is that she is almost broke trying to solve the case. The much more satisfying salary for this new job can definitely save her from her debts.

“Sir, there are so many people in the federation, what exactly did you see in me? I can change that!” Violet will not give up struggling.

“An officer as righteous as you is the most perfect at training new recruits. They are the future hope of our federation, no, of the whole of mankind!” His proud expression does not resemble at all the rascal that Violet recognized.

“Ok! Sir, you won.”

“Don’t pull a long face. If there’s a guy that you set eyes on, just let me know and I will take care of it for you.”

“Bah-bah-bah, I’m not that desperate yet! Gotta go to work, bye for now!”